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Anti-princess marketing and girls’ education: Mercy Academy vs. GoldieBlox

Jennifer Shewmaker:

Great critical analysis by Rebecca Hains.

Originally posted on Dr. Rebecca Hains:

Water, water everywhere, and all the boards did shrink.
Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

Princesses: They’re everywhere. Over the past decade, marketers have made “princess” a synonym for “girls. They use princesses as shorthand—a way of saying, “Hey, girl: Buy this!”

But ever since Peggy Orenstein spelled out the problems with princess culture in Cinderella Ate My Daughter, parents have come down with a serious case of princess fatigue. Sure, princesses are still popular—but in many corners, parents are so over it.

The girl culture industry is savvy, though. Aware of the pushback, they’re changing tactics. They’ve been working hard to rebrand “princess” as the equvalent of “empowerment” — as today’s girls’ version of girl power. (See this Disney ad, for example.)

The problem is that despite the branding, princess culture is very limiting. Marketers can claim “princess” has the capacity to empower girls…

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One comment on “Anti-princess marketing and girls’ education: Mercy Academy vs. GoldieBlox

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