Dr. Jennifer W. Shewmaker

Parent, Teacher, Activist

Speaking Engagements

If you’re interested in hearing me speak about this topic, you can come to one of the conferences listed below. I also conduct workshops for schools, parent groups, churches, and professional associations. You can see a description of these on the HIRE ME!  page. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a time for me to come and speak on a topic that’s of particular interest to your group. If you’d like to contact me about speaking for your group, please email me at Jennifer.w.shewmaker@gmail.com.


Hardy Girls Healthy Women Parenting Webinar: January 7

STEM for Girls Day Camp: January 25

Gender Matters, Dallas, Texas: February 1

Southwest Psychological Association: April 3-5

Pepperdine Lectures: April 30-May 2


Social Media Research Conference: November 8

West Texas Girls Conference: November 9

Connecting Caring Communities: Self Esteem Workshop for Tweens: October

Pepperdine University: April 31-May 4

STEM for Girls Day Camp: April

Gender Matter,  Wichita Falls, Texas: March


Pepperdine University Bible Lectures: May 1-4

Texas Association of School Psychologists: October 4-6

West Texas Girls Conference: November 7


American Psychological Association: August 4-7

Abilene Christian University Summit: September 19-20

West Texas Girls Conference: November 12


Texas Association of Christian Schools Conference: August 7

Summit Abilene Christian University: September 21 & 22

Texas Association of School Psychologists

Annual Conference: October 8

Highland 3D Ministry Parent Series: October 20, 27 & Nov. 3

West Texas Girls Conference: November 12 & 13



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