Dr. Jennifer W. Shewmaker

Parent, Teacher, Activist

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I provide content for online and print magazines, blogs, and journals. I write for both professional audiences, such as educators and psychologists, and for parents. Some of the topics that I’ve covered in the past include:

  • Parenting tips for the first day of school
  • Special issues in parenting Tweens
  • Parenting tips for helping your child navigate sexualized media
  • Strategies for teens in using social media to change the world
  • Tips for school psychologists to promote media literacy in the schools
  • Tips for teachers to promote media literacy in the schools
  • Tips for churches to engage adolescents in healthy discussions about sexuality

Please contact me at jennifer.w.shewmaker@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss my writing a piece for you!


I offer several specific workshops for  groups. Workshops can be scheduled for a full day, two days, or as 2-5 separate one hour-long sessions within a larger program.

These workshops are interactive, providing hands-on practical experiences and strategies for change. If you would like to schedule one of these workshops for your school, parent group, community, or church, please email me at

  • Operation Transformation: Transcending media messages to become a world changer

    This workshop provides an overview of the impact that media has on children, along with an examination of the 5 core principles: recognizing, planning, talking, acting, and building community. Participants will be introduced to and have the opportunity to practice specific, practical strategies for each principle.

  • Sexualized Media Messages & Our Children: Teaching Kids to be Smart Critics & Consumers.

    This workshop sheds light on the four factors that impact how media influences children. These factors include: the culture of celebrity, family, gender, and community. Participants will gain an understanding of the four factors and how they interact to influence the child’s perception of media messages. Hands on strategies will help participants learn to build media literacy and consumer activism in children and adolescents.

    Fees are based on travel requirements and the length of the workshop. Please inquire with your specific needs.

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