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Mature for girls = sexually provocative

So, my 10 year old daughter comes to me the other day and says, “Hey mom, you know how you have a list of the singers whose videos we can watch? Well, you might want to look at this new one from Miley Cyrus, because I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t want us watching it.”  I go to watch it, and this is what I see. A 16 year old girl flashing cleavage and swaying her hips suggestively.

Now, here’s the deal, Miley says she’s growing up. But why does maturity, at least for girls, have to be connected with being sexually provocative? This is the message that all the little girls who’ve had Hannah Montana crammed down their collective throats by Disney are getting: When I’m grown-up, you’ll know it because I can start showing off my body to get attention.

That’s not what growing up means, girls. It means learning to be responsible, to care about how other people feel and how your actions impact them, to be unselfish, and so forth. That’s what being a grown up is all about, not flashing your private parts for attention. Miley makes me sad. Watch the video and see what you think.

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