Dr. Jennifer W. Shewmaker

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What gets us attention?

I recently heard a pre-adolescent girl telling another that she likes to wear bikinis to the pool because boys look at her stomach. What she was talking about is the fact that, as girls near adolescence, they begin to get the sense that the best way to get attention is with their bodies.

What’s interesting is that, before that age, they wouldn’t even consider this. And, even girls who’s bodies haven’t begun to change yet will start to think in this way when they reach a certain age if they’re buying into media messages. Watch any primetime show and you’ll see the proof, which females get positive attention and which ones get made fun of? It’s dependent on their physical attractiveness.

Girls pick up on this. They start to believe that their value is strongly linked with their ability to get the attention of boys by being physically attractive. Thus, we see little girls dressing and acting in a provocative manner. We think, “where did that come from.” It came from the media.

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