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Be true, be you…Moxie Girlz

Hey Ho to every parent out there who’s sick and tired of the dolls marketed to your younger daughters. Bratz is my least favorite for several reasons: 1. They wear scanty clothing 2. They have ridiculous proportions, maybe worse than Barbie, and 3. Their only interests seem to be shopping and boys. But, I’ve been seeing  a newish line of dolls on the market, that, ironically, is made by the same company MGA Entertainment, that used to make the Bratz dolls!

What’s interesting about these dolls is that they take everything that little girls loved about Bratz dolls, the cool clothes and accessories, the different look, the confident “attitude” projected, and have changed it into something that seems a lot more positive. The motto of the Moxie Girlz is “Be true, be you” and the emphasis is not on shopping and boys, but on the things that real young girls like to do, like sports, drama, music, etc.  The statement that goes along with every doll is this:

Every girl has the strength to do something amazing. Anything is possible as long as you stay true to yourself and never give up on your dreams.

I like this. There is also a discussion of how friends who have different talents and interests can help each other grow. These are all positive messages. I even went on the website to look at the games and stuff to see if, like Ty Girls, there are outfits that show cleavage and midriff. I haven’t seen anything to disturb me so far about the online games.  I was talking about these dolls and the online games with my kids, asking their opinion, and my five-year old said, “I like Moxie Girlz, they send a good message.” Love it!

Has anyone else seen these dolls? If so, what’s your opinion of them? It makes me hopeful to see that the company that had success with Bratz could turn around and develop a line of dolls that is interesting to girls, but also promotes positive messages.

Check the Moxie Girlz website out if you’re interested in learning more about them.

7 comments on “Be true, be you…Moxie Girlz

  1. preteenmadness
    May 23, 2012

    🙂 I could sing! my DD finally stopped pleading for a bratz!!! Then she started on these Moxie Girlz, I think that they have a positive message. And I’m seriously thinking about getting them…

    • Jennifer Shewmaker
      May 27, 2012

      Thanks for sharing. I like Moxie Girlz, the clothes are more appropriate and they have varied interests. There are things to argue about, like the thin body type, but overall it seems like one of the better choices out there when it comes to dolls.

  2. Kay
    April 3, 2010

    I am very excited to see these now! We have always had a NO BRATZ policy at our house (however you have to be careful what they say when they open one up from a friend at a bday party)…

  3. Julie
    April 2, 2010

    Hi, there. I noticed these dolls recently, and I must admit that I didn’t look closely at them BECAUSE they reminded me of Bratz. Right away I associated them w/the negatives of that line, but I’ll give them a real look next time. Thanks for doing the research, Dr. Shew! 🙂

    • drshew
      April 2, 2010

      It’s funny because I had the same reaction. My 8 year old led me to these dolls and I was like “Bratz like, no.” But then she started showing them to me and talking to me about why she liked them. She wanted me to help her see what each character liked doing and seemed to connect with that. We also started looking at the clothes and talking about how these dolls were different from some others. So, there is still make-up and stuff involved, which my 8 year old loves, but in my opinion, the total package is a more acceptable one.

  4. steveeller
    April 2, 2010

    I hadn’t done the research you had about moxie girls, but the other night we went to Target to get a new toy with her money she got for birthday. She was looking at Moxie girlz, and I just let her look. Like you, I did appreciate the entire package of having dogs and interests, and meaningful accessories. However, I guess all I did was teach her what a hoochie-mama is now, because the one she picked out had the “holey” stockings with the short plaid skirt. I like that there’s more to the dolls than just the looks and fashion, which apparently all it was according to Blakely. Just fashion, not a hoochie-mama. But she at least knows the difference now. And so do the other shoppers in the toy aisle at Target.

    • drshew
      April 2, 2010

      Steve, I looked closely at the clothes too. Now, some may not agree with me about this, and I think that’s their right as parents. But…after looking them over what I noticed was that the dolls we looked at had clothes that were trendy, but not showing off their bodies. For example, the doll my daughter liked had a miniskirt on with leggings underneath it and her top also had a long sleeved layer underneath. So, while fashionable, they were also pretty modest. My daughter noticed this, compared to some of the other clothing in that same aisle associated with other brands, and she mentioned it too.

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