Dr. Jennifer W. Shewmaker

Parent, Teacher, Author

Let’s Talk About Sex: Part 2

So, we’ve heard that we should be talking with our kids about sex and sexuality. But what exactly should we talk with them about? These conversations need to go beyond just the basics of the act of sexual intercourse. We need to be talking with our kids about how sexuality is involved with their understanding of themselves.

As kids get more pressure from the media to become sexualized, to view themselves as valuable based upon their ability to attract sexual attention, it’s vital that parents provide a different point of view. What we want to focus on when we talk with our kids about their sexuality is the way we are created to share physical affection within the context of a committed relationship. They need to hear from us that sharing themselves physically, in any way, with another person, is also sharing part of their heart. This is not something that the media is showing them very often. Share with them that they need to value themselves and protect themselves. Let them know that their sexuality and sexual desires are natural and good.  Their desires aren’t something to be ashamed of, but something to cherish and see as a beautiful gift within the right context.

I know it can be uncomfortable to talk with your kids about sex and sexuality. But, remember, they need this information! You want to be the one that has the primary influence on how they view their own sexuality.  When we put our own discomfort aside and allow our kids to ask us questions, we’re doing them an invaluable service.  Don’t be afraid! Be the resource that you’re child needs.

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