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Victoria’s Not so Secret

So, I went to the local mall to buy a birthday present with my six-year-old daughter. And, somehow, we ended up exposed to soft core pornography! No, not just somehow, I know how it happened. What happened is we walked past a Victoria’s Secret store. Now, I’m all for having a place to buy nice underwear and pajamas. What I’m not supportive of is the provocative and pseudo-pornographic LARGE pictures and posters that are in the front windows of these stores. It seems to be a company policy to put the most provocative picture possible protruding into the mall itself.

In the post-feminism movement that equates a woman’s sexuality with power, this “pornification” of products happens very frequently. Women’s products are marketed as ways to gather power and value through sexuality. The movement of wide scale and public exposure of women in sexy lingerie is fairly recent. Even 20 years ago, the Sears catalogue featuring under garments was just that, a catalogue showing products. The Victoria’s Secret catalogue features women also wearing underwear, but frequently the models are in poses that are identical to those in pornographic magazines. The pictures are clearly designed to connect the product with the increase in the purchaser’s sexual attractiveness.

What’s disturbing to me about this is that the products and the sexualized images are now featured larger than life in local malls everywhere. When I walk through the mall with my six-year-old daughter, she sees a woman rolling around with only scraps of clothing covering her. In my opinion, Victoria needs to learn how to keep a secret.

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This entry was posted on November 17, 2010 by in Acting, Recognizing.
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