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New Book: Cinderella Ate My Daughter

If you’d like to read a mother’s opinion of “Girlie Girl” culture and how it impacts little girls, you might enjoy this new book by Peggy Orenstein. Here’s a link to several reviews and details on Amazon. In this book, Orenstein discusses her frustration with the pink, sparkly, princessy culture that has sprung up in girlhood. She contends that girls are inundated with the idea that to be a girl means to be consumed by these ideas. This book investigates what she calls “the dark side of pink and pretty.”

If you’ve ever wondered if the promotion of the princess culture is related to the sexualization of childhood, you might find this book thought-provoking. Orenstein makes a strong case that the early strong stereotyping of girlhood with the princess culture is just another component of sexualization. This book might be especially useful to parents with young children. Check it out.

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