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Photoshopping: Altering Images and Our Minds | BEAUTY REDEFINED

Check out the article linked below by Beauty Redefined.

Photoshopping: Altering Images and Our Minds | BEAUTY REDEFINED.

It talks about how women are being photoshopped out of reality. This article reminded me of a friend in high school who kept a photo of a model on her mirror to encourage her to get in shape. After you read this, you’ll understand why that is a really bad idea. The unreality of what is daily presented as female beauty is mind-boggling. Trying to attain it is unhealthy. Instead, try setting specific goals related to improving your health and strength, such as walking or running a certain distance, doing a certain number of minutes of exercise per day, etc. This is the way to attain a strong, healthy body. Using these distorted images is not only unhealthy, it’s completely unrealistic.  Check out this piece, it’s really well done and has tons of before and after photoshop pictures to illustrate its point.

Photoshopping: Altering Images and Our Minds | BEAUTY REDEFINED.


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