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Imagine…Emma Thompson on Believing in Yourself

This video posted on Revolution of Real Women by Emma Thompson brought tears to my eyes. For every person in this world, I wish the REALITY of believing in themselves. That’s why I hate sexualized media and its obsessive focus on appearance and sex appeal. When we are constantly worried about what others are thinking about how we look, we forget to live our lives. We lose the fullness of who we are in the shallows of what we look like.

Emma Thompson’s message reminded me of the Legacy of Beauty Project that Melissa Wardy of Pigtail Pals is putting together. She’s asking people to see themselves as the “beautiful ones” rather than looking to media to tell us what beauty is or is not. It also reminds me of the work that Lexie and Lindsay Kite are doing in their Beauty Redefined project. I believe that this message resonates for all people who are looking to understand and become all that they were made to be.

When we reject the airbrushed, photoshopped ideals of beauty and the obsessive focus upon it, we are able to begin to truly find the authentic beauty of who we are inside. Let go of the constrictions of judging your value by how you LOOK, and you will find the joy and freedom of finding your true value in who you ARE. Focus on the ways that you can make this world a better place through your talents, your compassion, your vision. It’s time to imagine all that you can be. We don’t change the world by looking good, but by doing good. Imagine that!

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