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Week of the Young Child: Tips for Cherishing the Moment

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Sunday began the Week of the Young Child. I believe that I have officially moved out of this phase as a mother, as my baby is turning 7 years old this week.  The time in your life of having a young child is so precious and goes by so quickly. As our family moves beyond this stage, I’m reminded how it important it is to cherish every season with your children. Here are a few tips for parents and teachers. As I share them with you, I remind myself as well:

1. Slow down and take the time to listen and talk to the children in your life. As an adult, we can get so overwhelmed with what we need to do and where we need to go. Children, even teenagers, are so much better at living in the moment. Give yourself permission to stop and just enjoy being with your child.

2. Take the time to play with the children in your life. Each phase moves by so quickly. If we don’t take the time to stop and just be with our child in play, before we know it they will be all grown up! Sometimes it’s hard, but even giving yourself and your child 15 minutes just to play together with no distractions everyday can help you connect emotionally.

3. Know developmental norms. Is the child in your life developing as they should be? If you suspect some delays or issues, contact your local school district or early childhood services provider. They provide assessments and therapy for young children who are struggling with developmental delays or difficulties. Knowing the developmental norms for every age group can also help you feel more certain about what’s happening in your child’s life. Nightmares at 3? Pretty normal. Moody at 11? Yep, that’s expected. When you realize that frustrating behaviors are a part of normal development, it makes it easier to find good solutions to dealing with them.

Each phase of our lives is so precious. Don’t forget to stop a moment and just enjoy the life that you live. My goal is that my family can all look back with fondness over our lives together, with sweet memories of building our relationships and celebrating the gift of life together. Find some more great tips and resources at the link below.

Week of the Young Child woyc: 5 ideas.

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