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Positive Products: Confidence Building iPad App for Middle Schoolers

Along with pointing out products and media messages that parents, tweens, and teens may want to avoid, I love to share exciting new products that promote positive messages for children. There’s a great new iPad application by Electric Eggplant called Middle School Confidential. Anti-bullying activist and game creator Annie Fox says, “I wrote the Middle School Confidential series to help kids build their sense of self and make choices that reflect who they really are.”

Middle School Confidential is a graphic novel application that allows kids to work through common issues that arise in middle school, practicing and building their problem-solving skills. It’s gotten praise from a lot of different people, ranging from parents to kids to expert gamers. One review praised the app for its ability to be relevant and interesting to kids from middle elementary school all the way up to high school. The beautiful graphics are fantastic on the iPad, it’s fun and engaging, and the message is an important one for all young people. For less than $5, you can’t beat that! Check it out at this link.

2 comments on “Positive Products: Confidence Building iPad App for Middle Schoolers

  1. Gabriel
    April 21, 2011

    thanks for this review I will check it out, have you checked out 7Wonderlicious they also have a wonderful app focusing on preschool aged children. I volunteer for them once in a while as they have been a tremendous support for me and my 7yo daughter.


    • Jennifer Shewmaker
      April 22, 2011

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out.

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