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Positive Activism: Create, talk back, make your voice heard

If you’ve read this blog very often, you know from previous posts that I love fun, creative ways of getting out positive messages and challenging sexualized messages.  I want to share a few great opportunities for you to use your creativity and talents to make a difference and let your voice be heard. I have two options for you. One is for those who want to use your creativity and the other is for those who just want to let your voices be heard. Choose either or both!

1. Create

If you’re the creative type and you’ve been wanting to promote positive messages about girls and women, then get your thinking cap on and get busy! From our Friends at SPARK Summit, here is an amazing opportunity to get out an empowering message! Today is the deadline, so if you have some ideas, get busy and make them a reality. SPARK Summit is an organization that I’ve written about before that provides grassroots efforts to speak out and push back on the sexualization of girls in fun, creative ways. Of their billboard campaign, they say,

“Tired of seeing the same boring, sexist, unrealistic advertising images like this everywhere you look? Fight back and design a positive message of women/girls’ empowerment for a New York City billboard!  SPARK Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge, Women’s Therapy Centre Institute and Endangered Bodies have access to a prominent billboard in New York City and are seeking a bold, unique and inspiring design. We want an outstanding image that will compete with the barrage of skinny, white, young, digitally altered images of women/girls.  ”

Their goal is to get attention and provide visual competition for the sexualized, objectified ads that feature prominently on most billboards.

Submit a design idea, concept or final image to SPARK and they will select one designer’s image to be displayed on the billboard, for potentially millions of people to see. You can send JPGs or any questions to Dana at SPARKsummit@gmail.com.



2. Talk back

Not really the creative type, but you’d still like to share your opinions? Feel free to contact companies who you believe are promoting messages that are positive or negative. For example, I wrote emails to Aeropostale concerning their objectifying in-store ad campaign featured in the post last week Girls are Flirty and Boys are Proud and to Justice For Girls telling them how much I like their positive messaging tees featured in the post Finally, Girls as Agents. If you’d like to contact these companies, use the information below. In case you want to refer to my posts, feel free to mention them, as I did email those below to let them know that I was sharing my thoughts about their products or advertising on my blog.

Whichever option you choose, I encourage you to let your voice be heard. Only when we take the time to speak up will we be heard.

Aeropostale, Inc.
Kenneth Ohashi, 646-452-1876


VP, Investor & Media Relations
Quinn Solomon, 646-452-1820
Manager, Public Relations

Justice for Girls

Stephanie Barnecut
store operations
8323 walton parkway · new albany · oh · 43054
614·775·3682 phone · 614·775·3907 fax

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