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Girl-Caught & Day of the Girl: Be a Part of the Solution

In an effort to give consumers a more defined voice, New Moon Girls is launching Girl-Caught! 

I love this campaign for a few reasons. First of all, it’s fun and creative, it gets us evaluating the ads and products that we see and asking the question, “What message is this sending?” I also love the positive activism approach. We can all sit around and talk to each other until we’re blue in the face, and it won’t change anything. What changes things is when we take the time to make our concerns known publicly. When our voices join together, we can not be ignored! Lastly, I really like the fact that Girl-Caught isn’t just about pointing out negative media and products. Frankly, those are the easier ones to find, but the Girl-Caught Campaign is also about giving shout-outs to those companies that are producing positive media and products. I love that! So often, we tend to focus most on the negative examples, when giving our attention to companies promoting positive views of girls and women is just as important. Want to learn more about Girl-Caught? Check out the details below:

New Moon Girls says, “Do you ever feel bothered or happy about how girls & women are shown in ads & on product packages? Now you can tell those companies how you feel. Plus, you will help change disrespectful ads & packages. That makes the world better for everyone.”

There are three ways that you can get involved with Girl-Caught.

1. Get Free Digital Stickers

Use these to raise your voice about which virtual ads you find that are either disrespectful of girls and women or respectful. These digital stickers make it easy to have your voice heard!

2. Get Free Printable Stickers

Use these printables to let your local stores know which products send positive and negative messages about girls and women.

3.  Upload Your Girl-Catches Here

Yes, New Moon Girls gives you the opportunity to share your Girl Catches on their website! You can also share them here as well.

4. Buy stickers, T-shirts & more
Also, don’t forget to sign the petition for the Day of the Girl! if you’d like to participate. The goal is to get 1000 signatures to proclaim September 22 the Day of the Girl. The petition is addressed to President Obama and says,

“We want the freedom to be ourselves, to be seen as equals in the eyes of others, and to know we are equals in our own minds.

Opportunities for girls in the U.S. may have come a long way in recent decades, but there’s still a lot of work to do to level the playing field for people of both genders. We want the opportunity to recognize the power and potential of girls while also addressing the gender stereotypes that continue to hold us back from true equality.

The United Nations is considering a resolution to designate an International Day of the Girl, and girls in the United States want and deserve to be part of that movement. Other countries across the world have set aside days to honor their girls, including India and Bangladesh. The U.S. must be a leader in advancing opportunities and clearing barriers to success for girls.

All people should have the right to live up to their full potential, girls and boys alike. By creating a day devoted to girls, you can help ensure that we are recognizing and reaching our full potential.”

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