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Positive Pick: Struggling with your Tween? Check out TweenParent.com!

As parents of tweens, those interesting years between approximately 8 or 10-12, we’re often left floundering for resources to help us understand the stages that our children are going through. Got a baby or toddler? It’s easy to find all kinds of resources. Have a high schooler? There are lots of books and sites that give great tips for parenting.

But what about those middle years? This is a time when our children are going through some major changes, especially in the 10-12 age range. Many kids start hitting the early stages of puberty, with some girls starting their period well before the even get to middle school. Most have hormonal changes that begin during this stage that alter their emotional responses, and they begin to ask for more freedom and be involved in extracurricular activities to a larger degree. But the parenting resources for this group are fairly slim. I’d love to introduce you to a great on-line community that can provide you with guidance, TweenParent.com.

When I asked co-Founder Suzanna Narducci what inspired her to createTweenParent.com as a resource for parents, she said,

I’d always felt that parents of middle school aged kids were short-changed.  There is so much information available about parenting in the baby and toddler years.  Once kids start to become independent, at a time when they need their parent’s guidance the most, there are very few resources that focus on the issues unique to this age group.The inspiration for the site came six years ago when I heard another parent voice concerns about kids posting inappropriate pictures on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.  As most parents, at that time, had no idea that these sites existed, they didn’t know what to look for or have the knowledge to understand the pitfalls of social networking.  Clearly, a resource was needed for parents.  I approached friend, Judy King-Murray, with the concept and we developed TweenParent.com.

What I love about TweenParent.com is that it provides information on a wide range of issues, from Tween Life to Health to Technology and Family Life, there is rich guidance to help you make the best decisions for your tween. And TweenParent doesn’t shy away from tough topics. Whether you’re wondering about illegal drugs, discussing sexuality, how to address pornography, self-esteem, or first bra buying,  you can find well-informed information about any and all topics on TweenParent.

If you’ve got a tween and you’re struggling with the hows and whys of parenting this group, I highly recommend that you check out TweenParent.com. You will be delighted by the wealth of knowledge that Suzanna and Judy have gathered to share with you. You can just visit the site, but they also offer a free newsletter and the opportunity to join the community so that you can ask questions and make connections with other tween parents. 

As a parent of two tweens myself, I know these are fun but at times difficult years, because our kids are going through a lot of changes. I hope that you’ll find TweenParent.com a great resource in your efforts to connect with, love, and guide your tweens. Happy parenting!

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