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Positive Pick: Girl Power Toolkit Provides Inspiration and Critical Thinking Tips

I’ve talked about 7wonderlicious in my positive picks before. But, Ines has outdone herself this time with the wonderful Girl Power Toolkit. This toolkit contains three complimentary components that build upon the ideas that I’ve shared with you about ways to help your children become critical media consumers and activists.

The first component of the toolkit is the Inspiration and Celebration System. This component focuses on celebrating the achievements and positive traits of the girl in your life and helping her learn to do the same. It’s so easy to only give attention to things that our kids need to work on, but to maintain positive, warm relationships with our children we must provide them with support and encouragement to continue with the great things that they are already doing.

The second component in the toolkit is Story Cards and Role Models. This contains story cards with examples of ways that girls can do positive, important things in life. The stories use the 7Wonderlicious girls as positive role models for other girls. These are characters who look like real little girls, no excessive make-up, strange thin ideal inspired body shape or scanty clothes are on display. Instead you get characters that girls can relate to and connect with.

The last component in the toolkit is the Post-It Revolution. I love these post-its! They offer girls a way to speak up when they see media or marketing that tries to set limits on what they can achieve or who they can be. These add a fun dimension that allow girls to learn to vocal media critics rather than just accepting the limiting messages that are sent to them.

Kudos to Ines for developing this great new product line, along with the other wonderful products and information that she provides on 7Wonderlicious. If you’d like to see the Girl Power Toolkit, go to this link to get more details. I love finding positive products to share with you! I hope that you’ll enjoy this one as much as I have.

2 comments on “Positive Pick: Girl Power Toolkit Provides Inspiration and Critical Thinking Tips

  1. Naomi
    November 6, 2011

    Yes the product she has brought out is great. Lovely of you to highlight this to other people Jen.

    • Jennifer Shewmaker
      November 6, 2011

      It’s great! I know a lot of parents who will be happy to hear about it.

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