Dr. Jennifer W. Shewmaker

Parent, Teacher, Author

Outlive Your Life: Be a World Changer

There are certain moments in our lives when we become intensely aware that life is fragile and that it is momentary. In those moments, we can either despair or we can take up the challenge to take the short time that we have here on earth and live a life that makes a difference, that makes this world a better place.

Last month, a man of brilliance and charisma lost his battle with illness. Last week, a bus accident injured many and cut a young woman’s life shorter than any would have anticipated. Yesterday, a woman full of zest for life and energy to help others make their lives better left this world in a moment. Each one of these people left a mark on this world for the better. Although they left this life more quickly than those who loved and knew them would have liked, they didn’t leave us empty-handed.

Today, I want to offer you the challenge that Denai Vaughn, who lost her life this week in a car accident, left for us: Live your life so that you outlive your life. Our culture is overwhelmingly focused on superficial, shallow things. Think about reality TV, thousands of dollars of plastic surgery, mounds of tabloids and online gossip sites screaming out the mundane minutia of life.

I challenge you to let go of these things that eat up your precious time and energy. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in the superficial things in life. Instead, take the opportunities that you are given to live a life worth living, to make this world a better place because you were here. Love others, serve others, use your gifts and talents, jump over your fears and move straight into the belief that you can make a difference.

A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with a heart problem. I hope that it won’t have an impact on the amount of time that I have here on earth, but it may. That diagnosis made me very aware of the fact that we are all dying, but we are also living. It made me decide to grab life with two hands and live it to the fullest. Whenever my time comes to leave this earth, I want to feel confident that I took every opportunity to use the gifts that I have to change the world in ways both big and small.

In those moments that you find yourself worrying about the way you look, how much you weigh, what others are saying about you, please, please remember this: You are more than these things. YOU ARE MORE. My friend, you have something unique to offer this world, and if you don’t show the world what you’ve got, the world misses out. Believe in who you were made to be, and live your life so fully, so powerfully, that when the end comes, you have lived your life so that you outlive your life. Let yourself be a world changer. You were born to do that. Believe it.

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