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Plea for Help: Tell Books A Million to listen to the community

UPDATE: Here’s a number to call 800-826-3038 and ask for Customer Relations.

Today I learned that the Books-A-Million in my town (Abilene, Texas) is hosting a signing tomorrow of Playboy magazines by a local woman who is featured in the December issue. Let me make this clear, this is store in the mall with a very large children’s section and clientele. This signing is not about learning to be positive about sexuality with education and learning, it is the pure and simple celebration of woman as object for male pleasure.

The local community, including the local store and district manager and the mall manager do not want to host this signing. But they have been told that the corporate office makes that decision. Apparently, what the community wants doesn’t matter to Books-A-Million. We are asking for help in letting them know that we aren’t happy with this decision. Please contact them ASAP via their FB page or through these contacts:
Jeff Skipper, Vice President of Marketing, BAM 205-942-3737

Mall of Abilene store: (325) 691-0019
Mall of Abilene management: Steve Majors, CSM325-698-4351 Ext. 104Steve.Majors@am.jll.com


3 comments on “Plea for Help: Tell Books A Million to listen to the community

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  2. Sara H. (@sara_h)
    November 17, 2011

    I emailed the three addresses above. Steve Majors replied as you suggested: the mall can’t intervene.

    Good luck….

    My note:

    I’ve become aware of the Playboy magazine signing event scheduled for the Books-A-Million store in Abilene, TX for tomorrow.

    I take little issue with what consenting adults do with their bodies, however, I wouldn’t expose preteen daughters to a night club or sex shop, and try to avoid potential situations where they (or I) are exposed to men clamoring for a scantily clad woman’s attention.

    Books-A-Million can’t have it both ways: it’s either a family-friendly bookstore, or it’s not. This event is not appropriate for where families, children, and anyone under the age 18 can attend.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    • Jennifer Shewmaker
      November 17, 2011

      Thanks, Sara! Unfortunately , BAM chose to ignore all of our calls to listen to local feedback. I certainly won’t be shopping there again.

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