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LEGO Friends: Feminist Frequency responds

Feminist Frequency on LEGO Friends

In several recent posts, I’ve addressed the issues that are brought up in the gender stereotyping promoted through the LEGO Friends line being developed and marketed as “for girls.” One post shared the thoughts of a 10 year old girl about how she felt limited by the new line. While another connected the vast research about stereotype threat to the promotion of gender stereotypes through this type of marketing.

I wanted to share this brilliant video by Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency in which she does a thorough job of responding to the issues with the LEGO Friends line and the gendered marketing that LEGO has consistently engaged in for many years.

One comment on “LEGO Friends: Feminist Frequency responds

  1. naomi@thekidscoach.org.uk
    February 2, 2012

    Great video. She is so articulate and what a good interview with Lego. The pink lego is so stereotypical. Why cant they make neutral sex lego?

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