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Wonder Women: New Film about American SuperHeroines

After my post from yesterday sharing some female superheroes, I thought you would like to hear about this film about American SuperHeroines and how they emerged, changed, and are still growing. I can’t wait to see this film.

My very favorite part of this clip is the idea that girls and women need to be making their own media. Women and girls have powerful stories to tell, we have insights into the world that are vastly different from many of the stories that are already being told. There is room in the media for more stories, stories of women and girls, people of color, the disenfranchised, the poor.  For me the essence of media literacy education for both parents and children is to help both learn to do things. The first is to become critical consumers, to understand who is bringing you the message through the media you consume and what they are saying. Secondly, we need to become media makers. If women’s stories are not being told in the current system, then it’s time for us to become more involved and make our own stories. I know that is a lot harder to do than it is to say, but when women and girls are provided with the tools, education, encouragement and training to become media makers then we will begin to change this industry. A little at a time, we must start getting more stories out in the mainstream about all of the wonder women that have touched our lives.

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