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Positive Pick: Born This Way Foundation

Born to Not Get Bullied – NYTimes.com.

In this article Nickolas Kristof shares some insights into Lady Gaga’s new Born This Way Foundation. She has teamed up with top educators to promote a more positive, caring culture.

When you visit the BTWF site, you are greeted by the message, This way, toward bravery where youth are empowered. This way, towards acceptance, where humanity is embraced. This way, towards love where individuality is encouraged. The mission statement says, “The Foundation is dedicated to creating a safe community that helps connect young people with the skills and opportunities they need to build a braver, kinder world.” The three pillars of the BTWF are Safety in creating a place to celebrate individuality, developing Skills by teaching advocacy and promoting civic engagement and encouraging self-expression, and Opportunity through providing ways to make change happen in local communities.

Now if that’s not something I can get behind, I don’t know what is! As an advocate for activism for positive change, I am excited to see where the BTWF is headed. I believe that we can make this world a better place, when we stand up for what we believe in. That is what Operation: Transformation is all about, believing in yourself enough to transform and become all that you can be, and then going out and making the world a better place through your authenticity. We are world changers, we were born this way.


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