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Do you really see yourself?


This video series by Dove asks women to describe the way they look to a sketch artist. Another person also describes the same woman, and then the two sketches are hung side by side.

What is notable about seeing the two sketches next to one another is how very different they look. The women tend to judge their own looks much more harshly than someone else’s.

This got me wondering: do you really see yourself? Do you see the sparkle in your eye? The intelligence and compassion, the warmth that radiates from you? Or do you focus on the wrinkles, the blemishes, the scars?

My friends, it’s time to look upon ourselves with eyes of love and compassion instead of judgement. It’s time to let go of the idea of perfection and embrace the true beauty of your authentic self. You are beautiful, uniquely gifted to change this world in ways big or small. Believe in that. You are a world changer.

One comment on “Do you really see yourself?

  1. Jana
    April 19, 2013

    I appreciate you not belittling the commercial because it focuses on looks. Many people have a problem with this, but I don’t. I think beauty can be important to someone without being the MOST important thing to someone and just because Dove focuses on the outward appearance doesn’t mean they are saying it is the only important or the most important thing.

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