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Things we should say more often

Last night I finished an amazing month long workshop on self-concept with some girls in my community. Each week we talked about who we are, how to become strong and sure in our own identity, and how to stand up to pressure to be something other than ourselves.

In our last conversation together, we got to tackle tough topics like being a good friend to ourselves and each other. It occurred to me as I listened to these girls that so often we are not a good friend to ourselves. At times, we treat ourselves with a level of disregard that we wouldn’t show to a total stranger. We downplay our strengths and focus on our weaknesses. We discount our dreams.

My friends, you are beautiful, unique individuals. When you were born, you brought a special set of skills and talents into this world, but we will only see those if you allow us to.

I ended my time with the girls I was working with by watching this fabulous clip from Kid President: 20 Things people should say more often. Take a look at number 1, and apply it to yourself and those around you. If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.

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