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“Six Summer Beauty Tips” by Rebecca Hains

Love these positive summer beauty tips from Rebecca Hains!

Dr. Rebecca Hains

Fashion magazines love telling women that our bodies aren’t fit to be seen in public, unless we buy and use the beauty products they’re hawking. And in the summer months, when rising temperatures lead us to shed more clothing, their scrutiny intensifies, picking women’s bodies apart from head to toe.

Well, forget them! I’ve penned the only list of beauty tips you need to enjoy the summer.

SIX SSUMMARY: Alice Maison in bathing suit, standing with one foot in ocean, muff on right hand and left hand raised. CALL NUMBER: SSF - Bathing Beauties--1918UMMER BEAUTY TIPS by Rebecca Hains

  1. How to get a bikini body: Put a bikini on your body.Your body is great!
  2. How to get your skin ready for summer: Use sunblock. Your skin is great!
  3. How to make your lashes pool-proof: Avoid mascara. Your lashes are great!
  4. How to find your happy hair color: Be happy with your hair color. It’s great!
  5. How to get summer-ready legs: Is it summer? Look down at your legs. They’re ready for use!
  6. How to choose a summer wardrobe:…

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