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From Competition to Contentment

I was having lunch with a friend not long ago, and we got into a conversation about being able to celebrate the joys and victories of others. You see, we both have several friends who have had amazing successes of late.

But what we noticed was that it’s not always easy to celebrate with others. We wondered, why do we sometimes feel bitter or angry when we learn of another person’s success? Even the most successful people I know aren’t immune to this. And the root seems to be competition, a sense of scarcity. The idea that if that person achieves success, then maybe I can’t!

Of course, this isn’t true. And when we approach our lives with a focus on contentment, on learning to embrace the good in ourselves, our own lives, and our own opportunities, then we can let that sense of scarcity go.

After our conversation, every time I’ve heard of something exciting that one of my friends or colleagues has done, I consciously check that little voice that says, “What about me!” And instead try to focus on, “Good for them!”

I truly believe that each of us has unique gifts, and that means unique opportunities to make this world a better place. If we are too busy looking with envy at the doors opening for others, we may miss those doors opening for us!

Let go of that sense of scarcity, and search for contentment in using your own gifts in your own way. I’ll join you, and together we can embrace the good things before us.


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