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Digital Literacy on the Rise

Thinking about digital literacy from Renee Hobbs.

Renee Hobbs at the Media Education Lab

Perhaps you saw the recent story in the New York Times about the new research on middle-school students’ digital literacy skills? This research shows that although kids can use digital and social media for entertainment, they can’t access information, comprehend it, or evaluate it to create their own interpretation.

The article shows the important and troubling differences between rich kids and poor kids in digital literacy, which is no surprise. My URI colleague Dr. Julie Coiro is working actively on research that examines the digital literacy skills of middle-school students. There are important gaps and shortcomings in students’ ability to analyze information. But the New York Times also points to the fact that teachers don’t necessarily recognize what their students do and don’t know about online information — or know how to support the learning of digital literacy competencies. For this reason, Julie and I have collaborated to create solutions to…

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