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Sexism in Video Games: Tropes, Trolls and Terrific Upstanders

this post was shared by Amy Jussel on Shaping Youth. Check her site for continued updates.

Amy wrote the original post in response to threats that Anita Sarkeesian has gotten due to her analysis and critique of the depiction on women in video games.

To read Bailey Richardson’s post at Shaping Youth, visit Sexism In Video Games Moves to Forefront of Gaming Culture Convos.

Sexism in Video Games: Tropes, Trolls and Terrific Upstanders

By Amy Jussel

I thought it was important to share this post given the cancellation of Sarkeesian’s Utah State University event slated for today due to “massacre shooting” terrorist threats impacting public safety at the school. Here’s Amy’s post with a link to another related post.

I love it when positive responses trump negative behaviors to spin outcomes in a favorable direction.
In just 52 hours, Anita Sarkeesian’s “Tropes versus Women” Kickstarter project challenging sexism in video game culture will not only be fully funded, it will have massive support from those of us who whipped out our wallets in solidarity to trounce trolling and send a mighty message that online harassment is ubiquitous and unacceptable.

Talk about a happy ending! All too often women become “targets” of sexism inside and outside of video game environs, especially those who “use their voice” to call out the behavior point blank. It seems those of us who could give a flying fig about imbecilic reactions are particularly prone to receiving amped up potency of misogynistic vitriol, laced with damaging venom that would make a serpent blush.

As one who has been on the receiving end of cyber warfare tactics, misinformation mop ups and imbalanced, self-righteous wackos, (our Target/snow angel fiasco circa ’08) I can say it’s a life-changer but not a deal-breaker…Adjustments are made for survival (e.g. I’m now fiercely protective of privacy and family ties) but the whole experience of strengthened resolve can be rather empowering in itself.

Knowing that media literacy and critical thinking are paramount to unearthing the underbelly of the beast, it almost arms us with an invisible shield to fight off sexism, racism, corporate snakes and unethical shills with agendas. The raging sexism and show-n-tell examples of Anita’s harassment serves as a shoulder shake for us all, to remind how explosive bullying can be when stereotypes are challenged and the status quo is turned inside out in favor of a healthier worldview. I may not know you, but thank you, Anita Sarkeesian.

The venom continues, as does the upstanding. Heartening post on The Mary Sue: “Hundreds of Game Developers Sign An Open Letter to End Hate in the Gaming Community” attacks would cease forevermore. Now checking out CyberCivilRights.

Sheroes won’t be silenced, and the upstanders and journalists helping explain with multiple lens of analysis serve as an ongoing reminder that it’s not just the gaming industry, but cultural vitriol and violence against women that needs to halt across ALL of humanity.

Thank you Anita, for all you do for for women and girls and civility in the world, standing up for cyber civil rights on a global scale. Upstanders, arise…Be reminded, this is NOT remotely “subculture drama,” this is a human rights travesty.

To read Bailey Richardson’s post at Shaping Youth, visit Sexism In Video Games Moves to Forefront of Gaming Culture Convos.

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