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Fun and Empowering Halloween Costumes

In the last few posts I’ve shared my concern with the sexy Halloween costume trend. Halloween is coming up quickly, so if you don’t already have a costume here are some fun ideas. Some are empowering and others are just fun, but non require squeezing yourself into tiny strips of fabric!

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls has a great list of empowering costumes on it’s site. Want to dress like a Supreme Court justice? They’ve got you covered. BuzzFeed has a great list of children’s book characters that make fun costumes.

Here are some other ideas:

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. All you need is a bow and arrows and a braid, the rest of your outfit is secondary.

Hermione Granger. You can go with an old graduation robe if you don’t have the perfect Hogwarts robe, or a white button down, school uniform type skirt and cardigan will work. The key is to have the frizzy/wavy hair and a wand.

Waldo or Wanda from Where’s Waldo. Red striped shirt- check. Red beanie – check. Leftover 3D glasses with the lenses punched out- check. This may be the easiest costume ever, but everyone will know exactly who you are!

What are some other suggestions for fun Halloween costumes?


3 comments on “Fun and Empowering Halloween Costumes

  1. kraye211
    October 30, 2014

    I witnessed a fun group costume at ACU’s welcome week olympics this year. One of the groups went as Taco Bell Hot Sauce packets. All they needed was a large, neon colored t-shirt, duct tape, and a paper with their saying of choice. They used the duct tape to spell the word at the top of their shirt- “Hot”, “Mild”, “Fire”, or “Verde”- and to attach the page to the front of their shirt. Some of them wore hats that matched the shirts. They just wore shorts, and it looked great! You could also use a slip over felt and paint to make the same thing. 🙂

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