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Sexualized Media Messages and Our Children

My book, Sexualized Media Messages & Our Children: Teaching Kids to be Smart Critics & Consumers will be released tomorrow, February 28, 2015!

This is a practical book with a strong research base that provides strategies for parents and professionals to build strengths in children in order to combat sexualized and stereotyped media messages. This book is a bridge between current research and issues that parents deal with everyday. If you’ve already read books like Redefining Girly or Cinderella Ate my Daughter and want to know more about how sexualization impacts children, this is the perfect book for you! You can pre-order the book at AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks-a-Million, or through the publisher, Praeger.

Testimonials from parents and authors

“Fewer parents now answer the “big question” about sex.  Due to excessive media exposure, most kids have got the question “figured out”, though not without various biases and misconceptions.   Dr. Shewmaker’s Sexualized Media Messages and Our Children is an important book I would recommend to all parents and teachers who would like to help children navigate in today’s world of sexually charged media.  The book offers deep insights as well as practical suggestions that are based on research findings, interviews, and the author’s work helping children and young adults in various communities.   It will give parents and educators the vocabulary and tools to teach children to be smart consumers of media.  It also raises our awareness about changes that need to happen to improve the environments in which children grow.”

Berlin Fang, M.S. Author, literary translator, and parent of two

“Kids today are bombarded by constant sexualized messages, and parents are overwhelmed by the task of trying to preserve the natural pace of childhood. Dr. Shewmaker’s invaluable new book takes the unwieldy monster that is sexualization and breaks it down into manageable pieces, combining the most current research with concrete tools to help kids become educated consumers of our media-based culture. A must-read, Sexualized Media Messages and Our Children: Teaching Kids to Be Smart Critics and Consumers first teaches parents how to reinterpret the messages that marketers have carefully crafted, and then provides actionable ways for parents to pass that education on to their children.

Carrie Goldman, M.B.A. Award-winning author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher and Kid Needs To Know About Ending The Cycle Of Fear (Harper Collins, 2012)

 Testimonials from professionals

“From studly superheroes to neutered nerds, from hot women to helpless princesses, we all know that mass media rely heavily on sexual and gender stereotypes. Jennifer Shewmaker brings a deep, clear, and well-articulated understanding of how to do something about it: teach children and teens, girls and boys(!), to be critical consumers of the media they encounter every day. This book is a must read for parents, teachers, and anyone who wants children and teens to make their own decisions and develop their own values.”

Andrew P. Smiler, Ph.D. Author “Challenging Casanova” and co-author “The Masculine Self” (5th ed.) 

“To be a parent today requires endless energy and vigilance when it comes to sexualized media that, like an unwanted guest, follows our children everywhere, even into our own homes. Dr. Shewmaker’s book, Sexualized Media Messages and Our Children: Teaching Kids to Be Smart Critics and Consumers, combines academic scholarship with her personal experience as the mother of three daughters. The result is both a lens and a toolkit for understanding and combatting the insidious seep of stereotypes and inappropriately sexualized messaging directed at today’s kids. Raising critical consumers in our commercialized and over-sexualized culture is imperative. Let this book be your roadmap.”

Lori M. Day, M.Ed., Ed.S. Educational psychologist and author of Her Next Chapter: How Mother-Daughter Book Clubs Can Help Girls Navigate Malicious Media, Risky Relationships, Girl Gossip, and So Much More

“We’ve needed a book like this for a long time. One not simply filled with information about the problem of sexualisation, but a toolbox overflowing with practical ideas and conversation starters to have with children both at home and in the classroom. Enormously helpful.”

Collett Smart, Registered Psychologist and Educator

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