Dr. Jennifer W. Shewmaker

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No limits for girls!

I am loving this new spot by Always in their Like a Girl series of ads. Did you know that 72% of girls feel that they are limited by other people BECAUSE they are a girl? 

I see parents who teach their sons that it is shameful and embarrassing to do anything “like a girl.” But I wonder if they’ve ever stopped to think what they’re teaching their daughter about her value and worth? These people aren’t trying to harm their daughters, but their perpetuation of limiting gender stereotypes is doing that, just the same.

Our daughters CAN be brave, strong, brilliant, and many other things, when we let them out of the pink box our culture so often puts them in. As a woman, a mother to 3 daughters, and a person who works with young women, I’ve seen what amazing leaders women can be. I’ve seen their strength and brilliance. I’ve seen their courage. It’s time to stop limiting our girls, so that we can all be better! Let them out of those pink boxes and let’s see them thrive as the strong individuals they were meant to be!

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