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Why I study Media and its Effects on Children

In the past few years, my research interests have begun to focus on issues of social justice and equity. These range from studying how sexualized media impacts children and young people, to a mentoring program for new faculty, to a STEM camp for middle school girls. 

Each of the pieces of scholarship that I’ve done over the past several years has allowed me to better understand the processes that keep those from underrepresented populations from succeeding, and think about strategies to promote success.
It is imperative that scholars engage in public conversation about their work. In our connected world, scholars who engage publicly can break the boundaries that separate those in the academy from the layperson whom their research might affect. 

Blending my scholarly interest with my focus on social justice has allowed me rich opportunities to write and speak in both settings. My writing and presenting related to my scholarship aim to shed light on the scholarly information in a way that is accessible to the public, and to provide strategies that will help those from underrepresented populations to succeed.
A few years ago I took a Digital Storytelling workshop at my university. I was focused on learning how to use this tool in education. But as I worked to create my own story, I kept coming back to how I became interested in studying media and its effects on children. I share that story with you below.

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