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Released in March 2021: Creating and Consuming Media Messages With Purpose: A Guide for Educators

Creating and Consuming Media Messages with Purpose

A workbook for teachers will be released by Gifted Unlimited in late March 2021! I’ve spent the past year working with an experienced teacher to develop ready to use lesson plans and extensions for media literacy activities for middle schoolers. Find out more below!

You can preorder your workbook at this link.

KEYNOTE: This book combines current research with easy to implement activities, equipping students with practical skills for becoming effective consumers and creators of media. 


Media messages are prevalent and powerful, and increased media exposure means children must learn to be purposeful, healthy consumers and creators of media.

This book benefits middle school teachers with an introduction to identity development and media’s effects on it combined with classroom activities for students. Grounded in research and with lessons focused on different aspects of media, Creating and Consuming Media Messages with Purpose provides middle school teachers with lesson plans promoting skills for active media consumption and creation. 


Dr. Jennifer W. Shewmaker is a nationally certified school psychologist and licensed specialist who has worked with thousands of families, children, and teachers in her career.  She is the Dean of the College of Education and Human Services at Abilene Christian University and the author of the book Sexualized media messages and our children: Teaching kids to be smart critics and consumers

Amy Boone is a Texas certified teacher and has taught students from pre-kindergarten through graduate school. She has written about positive media production and piloted this curriculum with gifted students in a summer gifted program.


  • Current Issues: This book delves into current middle school culture, analyzing popular media. 
  • Expert Authors: As a school psychologist and experienced gifted educator with over 20 years experience each we bring a powerful combination of knowledge and experience to consider this issue. 
  • Thorough Research: Findings from a wide variety of fields combined with expert experience.
  • Proactive Approach: This book offers a unique approach to understanding media effects on children with a focus on building skills to encourage children to become powerful consumer activists. 
  • Easy Application: Lesson plans are ready-to-use and based on current research. 

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